Beijing Shuangjingqiao Shu blocking transformation completed this morning to resume passage

Tricyclic inner ring main road double well bridge north exit from the original
Shuangjingqiao Shu blocking transformation completed, this morning to resume passage. Three ring inner ring main road Shuangjing bridge north of the import and export from the original "advanced backward" adjusted to "first out after the entry." Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo Xinjing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Shuangjingqiao Shu blocking renovation project has been completed, 6 o'clock this morning, the temporary closure of the construction site will be closed to meet the new peak of the day. And before the transformation of different, the main ring of the inner ring of Shuangjing Bridge from the original "advanced backward" adjusted to "first out after the entry", often take this section of the driver to pay attention to traffic signs. Municipal traffic commissioned by the Deputy Director of the project center Wang Dong introduction, the first plug-in transformation of the main ring of the three main import and export by the "advanced backward" to "first out", to eliminate the formation of intertwined interference, Before the transformation, the first import is the export, bus and social vehicles interact. "In addition, Shuangjing Bridge on the west side (Guanghua Street to Guangqumenwai Street) auxiliary road to add a 3-meter-wide straight motorway, Capacity. And Shuangjing Bridge North Road, north to the north of the new turn lane. "This is mainly to reduce the U-turn and turn left lane mutual interference, the original line of the left lane directly to the U-car blocked." Wang Dong said, in fact, the most serious problem Shuangjing Bridge is the import and export vehicles interchange interference , After adjustment can basically guarantee the passage of the main road. Originally wanted to adjust the location of the bus station, but because the bus station south and north are viaducts, so the main road really no other location can be moved. 6 o'clock this morning, double well bridge renovation project temporarily closed area will open to meet the first early peak. City Traffic Committee and the Traffic Control Committee will be on the transformation of the road conditions to monitor changes, according to Chaoyang Traffic Detachment police, a short period of time may be some vehicles are not used to such a way, they have increased along the junction of the police and coordination of staff. Yesterday, the reporter visited the field found that Shuangjing Bridge North both sides of the bridge to the west side of the extension of a pedestrian can be directly through the bridge into the second floor of the Plaza, no longer from the bridge down to the ground , Into the mall, reducing the pedestrian on the ground mixed with the vehicle. Chaoyang traffic detachment police introduced in Shuangjing Bridge North this intersection, but also carried out a more scientific and reasonable traffic lights with time to increase vehicle mobility. At the same time, R & F City in front of the road is also isolated from the hard barrier, to prohibit the motor vehicle roadside parking, the reporter saw at the scene, R & F City in front of the police also installed illegal parking equipment. This year, Shuangjing area with a Guanghua North Street parallel 970 meters micro-circulation road will also get through. By then, you can make the nearby two garden south, Hesheng international home and other surrounding residents travel more convenient. Background double well bridge traffic often "obstruction" sooner or later peak "a red" often "obstruction" of the East Third Ring Road double well bridge from the beginning of last year to the actual start of the tender, has been the public attention. As the nearby business district, residential area gathered, morning and evening peak hours of Shuangjing bridge road condition is always "a red", even the non-peak hours are rarely completely smooth. "This is often the weekend, from the East Third Ring Road, north to south to the city of R & F car is very much, the tricyclic of the import Often traffic jams. In addition to residential areas, commercial areas, traffic flow, the East Third Ring Road, the main road Shuangjing Bridge north of the import and export distance of less than 100 meters, more than 20 bus lines between the entrances and exits frequently in and out of the main Road social vehicle intertwined, is one of the important causes of congestion. At the same time, due to the north side of the inner ring north side of the north side of the more vehicles, resulting in auxiliary road north to south vehicle traffic is poor, the vehicle can only line up to slow, north to south driving direction is not smooth, it will cause Shuangjing Bridge north of the two bridge Under the U-turn difficult, for which, then around the Shuangjing bridge formed a queuing ring congestion zone. After several times to optimize the program adjustment, double well bridge buffer block transformation in September 7, 2015 officially launched.

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