Hubei police flood before the guest "swineherd" to catch more than 2000 pig transfer

Timely more than 2000 head of large pig emergency emergency transfer to the safe area
Data map data flooding soon, and cattle mountain lake 7 farms more than 2000 head pigs can not be transferred, worry about bad pig farm owner. East New Branch Binhu Street police station heard the news, guest "swine groom" to help people solve the problem, in time will be more than 2000 head of large pig emergency transfer to a safe area to ensure that more than 400 million people are unharmed. According to the latest weather data analysis, is expected in the next 10 days there will be two heavy rainfall process, the province will be aggravated flood situation. The face of the next few days, such as rainstorm, such as note, Liangzi Lake alarm water level repeated dangerous situation, flood pressure great. Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government decided to implement Niushan Lake embankment flood storage, permanent embankment also lake. In order to carry out the instructions of the higher authorities, the East New Branch held a global meeting overnight, at 2:00 on the 13th to mobilize more than 200 police officers rushed to the Liangzi Lake and Niushan Lake, home to mobilize the people of the lake area emergency transfer. 63 years old from the Xiantao Ms. Lu is a pig owner, two years ago, she rate the whole family of six people to his family near the Niushan Lake Binhu Street area, a one-time raised 350 pigs. See the pig slaughter soon, did not expect last night received the village and the police emergency transfer notice, all of a sudden silly eyes, 350 pigs if not timely transfer, nearly 70 million property income will be gone, then the whole family hard Bitter boil half a year's time of effort into a moment, then Lu boss called every day not working, called the ground should not be anxious she straight tears. At this time, heard her message, Binhu Street police station Lei Yong and deputy director Zhou Yuteng immediately with Wu Sicun cadres together, timely contact with pig traders, emergency calls dozens of large trucks in the village standby. I heard that life-saving vehicles have been at the scene, coupled with the police and village cadres to ensure that the big sigh of Lu boss and pig traders to discuss the price, immediately with the family out of the pig, to stop the vehicle to send. As the pig see all of a sudden come out so many strangers, scared Aoao whining, everywhere chaos string. In order to save time, two police local materials, holding a stick, his mouth imitating the sound of pig feeding, guest a "swine groom". In order to allow the pig to listen to the order, two police one side, one in the back of the rush, one in front of the lead, and the pig people familiar with the call, wave of another big pig in accordance with the established direction was successfully arrived on the car The As the pig farm just rain, more muddy, some pigs standing unsteady slippery tumbling, splashing muddy two police uniforms are dirty, but the two police did not care, but there is a moderator "Swine groom", as always, to catch the pig, steady Dangdang 350 pigs will be thrown into the big truck box. In addition to Lu boss home, Wu Sicun there are six pig farms, too late to stop the two police non-stop and village cadres to other pig farms, continuous guest seven back "swine groom", emergency fighting 12 hours All the whole village more than 2,000 head of large pig safety transfer. Some of these pigs to find pig traders to sell, and some placed in a safe area temporary captive, to be found in the appropriate buyers to sell. Morning, the heavens heavy rain, and then the storm is like a fire, although the body of the police uniform dry and wet, wet and dry, and the body also with a thick pig feces taste, but the two police did not have the slightest complaint, joke This is the most terrible police, the body smell unpleasant, but the people to keep the property, although the smell still incense. It is understood that, until 2 pm, at the scene of the joint efforts of the police, flooding more than 1700 people have been safe transfer. In order to make the smooth implementation of the blasting tomorrow, has been fighting the day and night of the East New police did not the slightest slightest relaxation, continue to maintain high morale, worthy of duty. The current branch of the police set up three security lines, arrangements for the relevant community police and militia to keep the village out of the road to prevent the villagers into the blasting area, to ensure that all safe and smooth.

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